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Real Estate Career Opportunities At Carol Ball and Associates

New Agents

We know that getting your real estate license, was just the beginning. You want to get listings and you want to make sales, right? What you need are two things: first you need training and then you need opportunity.

Training at Carol Ball and Associates

Carol Ball and Associates is the premier training and support system on Maui. We have trained and mentored more top producers than any other Maui firm. How do we do it? We focus on the important things. After experimenting over 30 years with methods that worked and others that didn’t we have customized the process and streamlined it to one that gets the licensee out and working in the shortest time possible. Why do we go for streamlined instruction? Because in spite of the importance of instruction, what counts is practice, practice, practice.

Formal training at Carol Ball and Associates consists of the following:
  • Tools of the Trade and Ethics
  • Listings are Gold
  • Showing Property
  • Negotiating the Offer and the Counter
  • Following through Escrow
  • Financing for Real Estate
  • Role Playing Thinking on Your Feet

Practical training takes over immediately after the formal training where you will have an opportunity to practice those skills that you learned. Floor time, open house opportunity and prospecting help you get in front of people who need real estate help. Each step of the way you will be coached through the steps that will make you a successful real estate agent.

Opportunity at Carol Ball and Associates

Under the watchful eye of your PB you will practice what you learned at the training sessions. Floor Duty at Carol Ball’s office at the Maui Mall extends and expands the opportunity not only to try out your newly acquired knowledge but provides you with real opportunities to help people in need of real estate help. Individualized mentoring specific to opportunities presented to you is provided to help you make sales and get listings. Carol provides supplementary lessons at staff meeting that address common problems facing agents in the field. Most of all, Carol Ball and Associates will customize your orientation to an opportunity filled career in real estate in a mall office and give you practice, practice, practice.

Experienced Agents

No one ever said that a career in real estate was easy but talent and skill in sales are only the beginning. In order to have a successful real estate career, you need to be coached and mentored to avail yourself of every opportunity that comes your way.

Beyond the basics, a career in real estate at Carol Ball and Associates will take you on a daily path to success. One on one coaching with your Principal Broker, Keone Ball, will take you from the appointment, to the showings, to the sale and solving the many problems that you will encounter as you help your clients work through escrow to their goal of the home sale or purchase. Years of experience and lots of patience help Keone shepherd you through the process that will make you a top producer.

Opportunities abound to put you on the front line to meet prospects daily so that you can turn their requests into an exciting and profitable job for which you are prepared.

Find out what customized opportunities in real estate sales and management can be found at Carol Ball and Associates. Call Keone Ball, PB for an appointment today at 808-871-8807.

NO LICENSE? No problem. Click HERE for the Carol Ball Real Estate School.

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