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East Maui

East MauiIt’s the journey, not the destination say some. But those who have lived in Hana all their lives disagree. Their trips to town are made in record time, primarily to get what has to be done, done but also to avoid the languishing tourists who are not used to the single lane road with a yellow stripe down the middle that connects the North shore of Maui with Nahiku, Hana and Kipahulu.

A self sufficient community, with a general store, Hana Hotel and other B&B’s as well as a few eateries make East Maui a fine visitor spot as well as an exceptional place to live. A discovered secret is that it is also an idyllic retreat for the rich and famous who seek privacy to get away from admiring throngs.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources maintains a campground and cabin rentals but reservations must be made far in advance unless you are impulsive enough to ask for cancellations and can go to Hana on the spur of the moment. The cabins are fully equipped with sheets and towels, pots and pans, dishes, electricity and hot and cold running water. The furnishings consist of bunk beds and porch furniture to spend quiet evenings listening to nature.

The native beauty and intrigue of Hana has to be experienced and cannot be explained here. Waterfalls, jungles of fern, ape and ginger flowers are all part of the experience. You will never want to leave. But then, why? Stay and enjoy.

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